Why the latest Facebook updates help boost customer service


Are you looking for new ways to support your customers on Facebook?

Want to be able to provide great customer service that helps build loyalty, trust and increases sales?

Well the good news is Facebook have just announced some new changes that can help you achieve those very goals.

In this post we will go over what these Facebook updates actually mean for your Facebook page and how they can help you carry out great customer service.

Why the latest Facebook updates help boost customer service

Believe me I know how it is – Facebook always seems to be releasing new updates and it can be hard to keep up.  So to help you stay organised with the latest Facebook updates let’s first identify the 3 core updates Facebook have announced.

1) Facebook now monitoring how quickly you respond to messages

2) Facebook announce new LIVE Stream feature

3) Facebook announce new “Pages Messaging”

Now let’s take a closer look into what these updates actually mean for your Facebook page and how you can use these to create great customer service.

#1 Facebook Monitor Message Response Rate

Facebook have just announced a new response rate feature that is rolling out on Facebook pages which helps page admins monitor how effective they are at responding to user’s messages.

This will display a response rate speech icon below your Facebook cover photo.


The response rate feature will measure what percentage of responses you have replied to and how long it has taken you to reply. In order to get a green icon which symbolises a page that is very responsive to messages Facebook have said the following:

  • You must have responded to at least 90% of messages
  • You need to have maintained a median response time of 5 minutes for all replies sent

When your page is very responsive your fans will see the green icon as pictured above.

If your page has not met these criteria the speech icon will be greyed out and can only be viewed by page admins.  One final thing to note is only pages that have enabled the “message feature” will see the response information.

Tip: Disable the message button feature during out of office hours to help maintain an accurate response rate.

Do you think this feature is a good idea?



  • Gives insight into how long it takes you to respond
  • Helps you to identify responses you may have missed
  • Helps you keep track of all responses received

#2 Facebook Announce LIVE Stream

So we’ve all heard of social media apps like Meerkat and Periscope which allow users to live stream to their customers in real time.  Well it looks like Facebook have decided to join in with their brand new feature.

Facebook are currently testing out the ability for users to connect with their fans via live video or live stream.

image via Facebook Newsroom
Image via Facebook Newsroom

Currently this is being rolled out to celebrities and public figures before it reaches the masses. The app will allow page admins to stream video live via a Facebook app called “Facebook mentions”. This will then allow fans to comment during the video in real time.  You will be able to like, comment, share and even see when your friends and other public figures start watching.

If you happen to miss the video Facebook will give you the ability to watch a reply via the broadcasters Facebook page.

Would you use LIVE stream in your business?


  • Great way to host a LIVE Q & A for your fans
  • Offers ability to answer customer service queries in real time
  • Allows your business to be more reactive to changes
  • Easy way to create content in 1 click
  • Creates a more captive audience which helps to boost overall engagement
  • Great way to showcase your employees and offer your fans behind the scenes access

#3 Facebook Reveal “Pages Messaging”

Up till now we were only able to respond to customers and fans on Facebook after they have left a comment or private message.  Well Facebook is hoping to change all that by introducing a new way to engage with customers through an update named “pages messaging”.

This update will allow page admins to reply to public comments with a private message. To create this private conversation page admins will see “message button” text appear next to the comment once they click this a new private chat window will open (as below) and will include a link to the customers comment for reference.

Image via Facebook Newsroom
Image via Facebook Newsroom

Once a business has responded other fans can see that the comment has been replied to privately. Again with “pages messaging” if your business is able to respond within 5 minutes with at least 90% queries dealt with in the last 7 days you will get that “very responsive” icon as stated above.

Note: Your customers have the option to block your page from messaging so always respect your customer’s feedback when replying to messages

Would you find this feature useful?


  • No longer need to ask customers to send private message for sensitive information
  • Shows other fans you have dealt with previous comments / queries
  • Helps grow the relationship with customers as you are able to deal with comments on a 1 to 1 basis

My overview on all 3 updates

Facebook Response Rate

I enjoy using Facebook for business as it’s a great way to connect with customers. Now specializing in customer service I can see the advantages of having the response rate feature there. In fact this is a good thing. My only argument here is 5 minutes isn’t realistic at all.

This does not take into consideration the time it takes to escalate research and review the customer’s situation before a full response is given.

A better way would be to let fans rate their feedback on a scale of 1 to 5 at least that way we could see the quality of the feedback rather than focus on the quantity and timings.

Facebook LIVE Stream

Once this feature rolls out this will offer businesses a great way to grow the relationship with their customers especially from a customer service stand point. The difference with the feature rolling out on Facebook compared to apps is that your customers / fans are already on the social network therefore you already have an active following compared to starting from scratch using other live stream apps.

The only thing I would say to pay attention to when LIVE streaming is the time your audience is online. While the live stream offers the ability for fans to view a replay at a later time the core of your engagement will happen in real time. You therefore want to keep track of your page insights to help determine the best time to broadcast.

This also presents a great opportunity to react to changes in your industry or comments in real time i.e. congratulating a fan for a purchase, highlight a milestone reached or even competition winner announcements.

Facebook Pages Messaging

This is a great update as we no longer have to send out a comment with the customer’s name in the hope they will see it and respond. This update will offer a more one to one style of communication with our customers.

What we need to keep in mind with this update is that your customers or fans inbox is a private place and should be treated with respect. This means no selling or promoting using this method unless the customer has asked for more information.

What is good is that Facebook has actually put some of the power back in the customer’s hands by allowing them the ability to block pages that message if they do not like the content or communication. Once this happens it will be very difficult to get back in their good books.

Use this feature for support and even the chance to get to know your fans and customers better.

Ravi Shukle - online customer service specialist

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