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How STK Vegas used Social Media to turn my negative experience into a positive one [Case Study]

September 13, 2014 No comments
How STK used Social Media To Turn My Negative Experience Into A Positive One

How important do you find customer service? Like me, I’m sure you would rate its importance very highly. Good or bad customer service can make the difference between becoming a loyal customer or never visiting again ~ Click To Tweet Let’s face it — the worst thing a company can do is ignore their customers. […]

27 Social Media Experts give you their #1 practical tip for managing a Facebook Community

July 28, 2014 28 Comments

Is your business struggling to see results on Facebook? Does it feel like not enough people are seeing the content or engaging with your Facebook page? With so much information out there it can often be tough to decide what to follow or who to listen to. That is why I believe one of the […]

Why Building A Passionate Facebook Community Works [Case Study]

April 2, 2014 9 Comments
Passionate Facebook Community

Ever been to a music concert or seen your favourite band or artist perform on TV? If you answered yes, then you will notice there’s one thing that every concert & performance will have in common. Can you guess what it is? Passionate fans! One of the reasons the experience is so much more enjoyable […]


"Ravi is one of the UK’s best marketing representatives,"

and comes highly recommended! Always social, always helpful, always on the ball with the latest news and updates - what more could you ask?! It has to be said that there aren't to many UK Online 'so called' professionals I would be confident to work with on client projects, but I would work with Ravi any day! Keep up the excellent work!

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- Vanessa Lewis, Social Catapult

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he helped us to grow our Wowmum community from scratch and gave the brand a push the we needed! Look forward to working with him again!

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- wowmum

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who went out of his way to ensure that our problem was handled effectively and successfully. Never gave up on us and always came up with solutions to obstacles.

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- Active Channel

"Ravi was very professional,"

and very quick in handling our Facebook inquiry for us. You can always rely on him in doing a great job as he takes care of and ensures the customer gets what the customer requested. Highly recommend his services to all.

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- Slim Gum Team, LA Tone